Community Life
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Global + Local = GLOCAL; The creation of products or services intended for the global market, but customized to suit the local culture. Basically, think globally, but act locally.

God is doing something new in cities here in Minnesota and all over the world. Like never before in the history of the world, God is moving people to cities in increasing numbers. God is also bringing people of the world to us here in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Minnesota alone has nearly 800,000 new international immigrants. And that number continues to grow.

The Church has a long history of global mission, traveling thousands of miles to share the good news of Jesus. But now the world has come to us, to our cities and neighborhoods. Today the Church needs to train thousands of young people to serve the cities in churches, non-profits, government, and business.

What are YOU going to do about it? Here is something you can do about – come and be a part of U4C. U4C is an off-campus program that is responding to what is God by bringing you directly into the City to live, study, and serve.

What are U4C students seeing God do?
"God desires to permeate the city with the salt and light of His children abiding and ministering in the midst. He is sounding the trumpet bear the whole Gospel of Christ to the broken systems of the city and to restore the victims." ~Nathaniel '10

"I see God working in the city through the people. He is moving. The people here are beautiful and when you look beyond the big buildings you truly get to see them. You can see it in their smiles as you pass them on the street or when you have a conversation with a perfect stranger. God has placed people in the city to live and feel the needs of the people and their daily struggles and works through them to reach people in the city, just as He uses me and you!" ~Kryn ‘10

To find out more watch this clip on YouTube.